GDF Explained

Communities eLearning programme, including six easy to follow chapters in English and Welsh.

Providing a permanent solution for the UK’s higher-activity radioactive waste is one of our most challenging environmental problems. Without action now, we would be extending for decades the risks and costs of handling this waste above ground and leaving future generations to deliver a permanent solution. Scientists and experts across the world have agreed that the safest long-term solution for such waste is geological disposal, and many countries with a similar legacy already have well developed programmes in place to build geological disposal facilities to isolate radioactive waste many hundreds of metres underground.

 Chapter 1: What is radioactivity? - Chapter 2: Why do we need a GDF? - Chapter 3: What is a GDF? - Chapter 4: ‘How we will work with communities’ - Chapter 5: ‘How a GDF can benefit a community’ - Chapter 6: What makes a suitable site for a GDF?

 View them in order to start with. Afterwards, you can view them in any order to refresh your understanding as needed.